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A new kind of LED manufacturer taking you by the hand

HYPLEX is a new and exciting way of thinking and selling light sources and appliances. Based in Italy to serve the European market, the company was formed in 2007 to shorten the distance between the consumer and the manufacturing, ensuring to deliver robust, steady and reliable products at factory price.


With over six years experience designing and developing LED products for industry, business, medical as well as home applications, our designers operate at the forefront of the technology but in close contact with the field application engineers. Yes, we have our colleagues at Taiwan or Hanoi production lines on the phone while we discuss your needs with you!

Direct or indirect lighting, diffused or concentrated, color temperature, lenses, color rendering… designing a new lighting plant with LED light sources – or revamping an old one – is not a straightforward task.


Let you or your architect discuss your needs with us. Don’t worry, it won’t add costs to you. Leading our customer by the hand to apply the proper lighting criteria and choose the most appropriate products, it’s our work.

On your demand, we also provide extra professional services such as specific lamp design, lighting projects and installation.
Remember, we are at your side all along the lifetime of our products! Guarantee is always included in all our products. We keep spares and parts available for long-term aftermarket support.

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Why Hyplex?

Thanks to the competences and the knowledge of its founders, HYPLEX Italia develops its activity, since 2007, in the professional LED illumination market.

HYPLEX Italia provides and supports tailor-made solutions by engineering, manufacturing and installing the chosen system and products.


The continuous research for technological innovation combined with rigorous attention to quality, typically for the MADE IN ITALY fabrication, guarantees to provide assistance beyond the phase of installation.

HYPLEX has vast experience in collaborating with construction and design companies, distributors and dealers, to furnish its own know how in the health, industrial, sports market and in the distribution market.

The capacity to plan, to produce and to distribute its own products allows HYPLEX to expand its domains and markets while maintaining a consistent level of professionalism.

Logo Hyplex transp.png
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